April 2000


Volume 1 Issue 7

Tronicia Times

First Impressions

Dru's first Impressions

I'll be honest with you, most wouldn't. When I first joined The DDK all I could think about was one big headache coming since I was so overwhelmed. I'd post a message and an hour later it'd be swooshed off the board.

I'd get dizzy just from the thought of all those active members. But I was there… to enjoy the game.

So I set out looking for a story/plot to jump into (
with permission of course) and an opportunity didn't come. I stopped logging in and Yahoo threw me out. Yet, I liked the DDK and kept re-joining.

Finally, I asked on the UnDDK about if anyone needed a role played, and now I'm playing a raven black cat who is searching for her owner, Shadow Song.

I'm having fun, even writing this and to tell all the newer people... hey! I was there, I lived, you will too, but you'll have DDK! :D

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