April 2000


Volume 1 Issue 7

Tronicia Times

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Vella's Group

Well, nothing too extreme has happened lately. Rei seems to have undergone an transformation into the true form of the Celestine. (I don't know anything more about where that story line is going, Rei doesn't post all too often much to my dismay!)
I'm also a proud grandmother of dragon twins named Ollie and Ellam! They look exactly like their dad and mom, respectively. It's amazing how two dragons could hatch from the same egg... but don't ask me!

Vella ~

Samant & Eternal

Much to our surprise, Samant and Eternal gave birth to  Little Orion on March 29 .  We  knew Samant and Eternal were going to have a baby boy, since last year their son the "older Orion" came from the future to speak to his parents.  So we know of Orion's future events in life, but we do not know what he did as a child.  Now we will find out. 

Tronicia Times ~

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The Death  Corps Club was created to plan a future event in The DDK...war!  From what this reporter was told, Kenage, who is head of the Death Corps, and his troops will be taking action against the royalty of Tronicia who they feel have not acted in the best interest of the Kingdom.  In other words, we will need two sides, one that fights for freedom from the royalty and one who fights for Tronicia.  For more information, please join the Death Corps.

Tronicia Times Reporter ~

*In other News

There are many more stories running in The DDK, however here at the times we haven't been kept up to date with the latest happenings.   There is on going stories with Selena,  Laylahkislev,  &  Slayer.  One with Nomad, Shadowsong and Dru.  Yaksha is STILL trying to become human.  And many more but please forever us, we haven't been keeping up to date.  For more information on any story and how to join, post a message in the Unofficial DDK asking for information.

Tronicia Times ~