April 2000


Volume 1 Issue 7

Tronicia Times

Fools Week

Reported by DID

I don't know about everyone else, but the week seemed so busy.  Some members role played by acting like they had booths set up for the festival.   Anyone who interacted with these members looked like they were having a good time.

Huma ran a "strength test".  Madam Zorrie read tarot cards.  Bjorn Axebeak
came into town shooting "JUNK for SAY_ELL", although I don't think anyone bought any "junk".  We had a shooting gallery ran by Tyorl.  Clare got into the act with her "faery dust". 

I interacted with some of these members, and I have to tell you it was very cool.  I have a feeling that these "booths" are a preview of something new to come.

We had the voting booth running all month, as reported by Terra.

I think the highlight of the week, was our treasure hunt.  From the posts and the emails I received, everyone who participated had a great time.  From my end it was just work, but I am so glad everyone had a great time doing it.

The highlight of the Treasure Hunt for me was creating the finish line.  It still has a couple of bugs in the system that I need to work out, but I could tell everyone who found the finish line thought it was the best thing.

I am planning on keeping out "secret tunnels" on the site, and would like everyone who has a 'door' to link it to their sites.  However let me get it fixed and running right, then everyone link it.

Please don't ask me "who won" the hunt yet, because I still don't know.  I haven't had the time to look over all the times.

I will post the winners in the new DDK Brigade, as soon as its finished.

I hope everyone enjoyed our celebration for Tronicia's Year of the Rhyming Faery.  April 1st will always be The DDK New Year, and I hope we have more festivals like this every year.

Overall Fools Week was our busiest week since Dec, with the most hits and posts,  and we even had several new members join.

It looks like the next big event will be the 'war', so keep watching for it.

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