April 2000


Volume 1 Issue 7

Tronicia Times

People Behind the Characters

You may know me as Drucillastarlette, but my real name is Chelsea.  I don't much like it, it reminds me of Bill Clinton, then I get icky feelings. But what the heck, it isn't that bad?! Anyway, I'm a very serious horseback rider and have done both English and Western riding for about 5 years. I run a web page with another person I know in real life, called The North Pasture.   It's a horse dedicated site and I know you all don't care :) That's okay,  I wouldn't if I weren't so in to horses. I might buy a really great

show pony, Tommie Girl, but she's rather pricey right now.  Don't you agree $1,500 is to much for any beast? *smiles* Don't have much to say, but wanted to say something... and oh yeah! For DDKers, I've made
an e-mail address for stuff. So if ever ya' need to talk... any reason at all, you can reach me at: druddk@hotmail.com

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I haven't created my own name yet, but for now you can call me Whodini.

  Sometime in the next couple of months, Damsel the Narrator and  I will be working hard to bring you….DDK MUD.

If you have never heard of a MUD, its stands for Multi User Dungeon.  It is a text based RPG adventure.  We will be basing the game on your land of Tronicia.

We hope to have it completed before your 2nd anniversary in Oct.  We'll be giving you updates as we work on it.

I look forward to meeting some of you in The DDK MUD

You don't know me, but as Damsel says, "they will"
My name is Chad and I work with Maria (Damsel). For a couple months now all I have heard is "The DDK this and The DDK that"   Up until Fools Week, I hadn't played, but working with Damsel I had to try out the Treasure Hunt.  So the first night of the hunt she gave me her character "Duke of Tronicia" and I used him to play in the Hunt.