Tronicia Times

The Adventures of Laurynskye and Company

From the secret journal of Selena Moonstone

This is the first quiet night I've had to update this journal in some days. While in the vicinity of the town of Tronicia my camp received several night visitors. The first to arrive was an adorable small dragonet named Achoo. Next were Lauryn Skye and Steel Ronin (Note to self: hereafter Lauryn and Ronin.), followed by Slayer, a dragon in human form, usually. During the meeting we all felt a troubling in the air and magical vibrations, but nothing came of it. It seems that Lauryn is heading to the Elven city of Allustriel and most of the rest were going with her. As she said that she was looking for great spells and booty I invited myself along on the adventure. It wasn't until later that I learned that things weren't as simple as they
seemed. But then, when are they?

Before bedding down for the night Slayer, the only name I've heard him called, enchanted several weapons for the group. My two katar punch knives,  Lauryn's crossbow and a couple of her throwing knives, and a sword he pulled out of nowhere for Achoo. Early the next morning we headed for Plainstown, on
the way to Allustriel. Lauryn was looking for a man at an inn who had a good map of the route through some mountains between us and our goal. We had a run-in with four Orcs, but they were quickly dispatched by the others.

Then we came to a river, either the Tengu or one of its tributaries - I never did find out which, but the bridge was washed out. Odd this late in the season, but there you go. After a bit of discussion of the best way to cross Ronin volunteered to go across on his great black war horse, Hellfire. I covered him with my long bow, but there was no need as his crossing was
uneventful. Then Lauryn went across and things started getting interesting.  Someone (Lauryn thinks it was probably The Dead Ones, some minions of Yornac the Evil Wizard) dumped phermones in the water, causing Freshwater Snakes (which have a bite that injects a soporific venom) to attack Lauryn and her horse, Gyldemer. I shot one of them, but there were too many to stop that way. Gyldemer was bitten and started slowing down so I cast a fortifying spell on him.  That got him, and Lauryn, across the river, where he collapsed.

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