Dec 22, 1999   
Hopefully some of you will find this,

  I just wanted to take the time to say thanks to everyone that has helped me and inspired me to continue on with The DDK this year.  It has been an uphill battle, and I know its just really begun.  Because of this  "little club" I have met and became friends with so many of you.  You have touched my life in a way you can't imagine, given me strength to grow and helped me become a better person.

Special Thanks to:

  • Thank you Sam for always being my rock, when I need a shoulder.
  • Thank you  Eternal for giving me the extra push to go on. 
  • Thank you Doug, for always being my Knight…....someday we will go to Disney land.
  • Thank you Michelle, for becoming a good friend, Las Vegas here we come!
  • Thank you Robert for being my 'late night buddy".
  • Thank you Ed for all the work you do and the ideas you have given to me.
  • Thank you Wil for always watching out for me, our late night chats, and making have "evil grins" from ear to ear.
  • Thank you Matt for believing in me when I don't.
  • Thank you Vincent for you're kind words and our talks.
  • Thank you Jeff for making the X rated club.
  • Thank you Dave for always telling me I am beautiful even when I have bags under my eyes
  • Thank you Eric for always offering to help, even if you don't have the time, and for our late night  talks.
  • Thank you Antonio for all the work you do, the support you give me and your friendship….You're the first one I asked to be my Valentine.
  • Thank you John for reminding me of my past and what I have accomplished in life, and pushing me forward to become the artist you know I can be.
  • And lastly Thank you Mike, for giving me faith, hope ,dreams and love. All thinks I had forgotten about until you came into my life.  I will never stop wishing on the stars or at my "wishing pond" for my dreams to come true.  I will forever be "Standing on a chair" until I can kiss your eyes.  I love you, from this moment on because I don't want to miss a thing.

I wish every a happy and healthy new year and new beginnings. 
                                                                                        all my love