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As usual, however, things weren't all that simple. When we came to the door of the larder where Ronin was being held there were two big were rats guarding it. Worse, we were expected somehow, and two more showed up behind us. One of them almost took Lauryn's head off but she blinded and killed it. I killed the other door guard. Slayer had stayed outside to guard our way out, we should have taken him with us. Lauryn went forward to get Ronin, only to find that he was unconscious. That left me with two big were rats swinging big axes at me. It was touch and go for a bit, but I took them out. Not
without taking damage myself, but that's life. Anyway, we grabbed Ronin and took off as fast as we could, looking for the first way out we could find! This was blocked by a couple more guards. By this time Ronin had recovered some and went charging them like a madman! What he did next shocked me to the core! He sprouted fangs and sank them into the neck of one of the were rats, shouting that we should get away! Lauryn and I didn't need any more promting and ran past the other stunned guard. When Ronin got back to camp, which we
were about to abandon, he said that he had killed both guards. He also explained that he was half vampire (No kidding!), because his mother had been attacked by some true vampires just before he was born, wiping out his entire village. But he survived and was taken in by a passing samurai lord.

On our way to the halfway house we came upon a stranger. An Elf calling himself Lord Tris. We somewhat grudgingly took him with us to the stone cabin we were looking for. And that's where we are now. Who is this Lord Tris, friend or foe? And whatever happened to Achoo? Things have gotten so
confusing I'm not even sure when we lost him (or her, something else I'm not sure about)! Has it really only been three nights since I mixed myself up in all this? Who cares! With luck we should be in Plainstown sometime tomorrow.
Then things should get really interesting!