People behind the Characters

Volume 1 Issue 5  February 2000

Most of us only know each other by our 'online' name, this is your opportunity to tell your fellow DDKers more about who you really are, and what you do when you're not in The DDK.

Here is how the "People behind the Characters" works.  Any member of the DDK may summit a bio of themselves to be printed in The Tronicia Times.

It is very simple to do. Follow this simple outline line and email it to The Tronicia Times.

© Character Name © Real Name © Age © Location ©
© Married/Single © Children © Hobbies © Interests © Please also include a picture of your character.

Here is an example of how "The People Behind the Characters" should be written:

                    Shadowsong22, is played by Michelle, age 29, who lives in Texas.  She is an air force brat and grew up in a variety of places. Her favorites were Turkey and England.  She spent a lot of time in NH unlit she finally settled in Texas. She currently works for Southwestern Bell Telephone company and she is happy to say she is no longer an 'evil' telemarketer. Her interests include her four dogs and fantasy reading, however she doesn't have much spare time have a lot of spare time.  Most of her spare time is spent chasing her two little nephews.

So write you're bio today and share with us who is really
Behind The Character.  Email The Tronicia Times today and see you're bio in The March Issue.

Tronicia Times