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Volume 1 Issue 5  February 2000

Vella, just bought two baby dragons, Oliver and Oblina. She is looking for a stable  for them.
Vella is also looking for a man with long back hair. She saw him out the window one day, and wants to

know who he is.
Vella also has no desire to become a monk or nun as of today. The only reason she say that is because of the talk about the "sisters of celestine" and monestary.

Tronicia Times

Top Stories?

What is it and why should we do it?

Many of you have asked and wondered why you should summit an article of your story line to the Tronicia Times.  The answer is simple.  The more you talk or "advertise" you story line and your character the more interest you will get from other members.

Many members do not and can not get on line every day to read the fast moving story lines on the message boards.  So a quick and easy overview of what you're character is doing in your story line will help maintain interest of more members.

Each group that is interacting on the message board should summit an article to capture the interest of more DDKers. 

It can be as simple as just naming the members playing, the main objective of the group and who to contact, if additional DDKers are interested in joining in.

It can be as elaborate as summating a detail story of the highlights which have occurred on the message board and/or chat room, pictures of characters, future plans for the group and of course someone to contact if another member wishes to partake in your adventure.

So get into the spirit of what the DDK is all about and send your story to The Tronicia Times for the March issue, which is due to hit the stands on or about March 4.