January 2000

Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events


  • January 10- Boli Loneheart's Birthday
  • January 11- Aurin Keldifen's  Birthday
Please take a moment of your time and go to the Calendar in The DDK and add your birthday!

  • Chats are every Wednesday and Saturday (9 PM Eastern Time)
  • Members may pick a topic for the adventure of that evening by planning it out first of where and what they wish to do on that night.  Please post and plan your event ahead of time, in  The Unofficial DDK so that others many know what you are up to.
  • If you are NOT a member of the Unofficial DDK please send an email with a request to be invited in

February 5th all articles due for the Tronicia Times

Coming soon:
A masquerade ball is being planned by Damsel, on Saturday February 26. Members will be asked to come in "costume" and still be IN CHARACTER!

What this means is, anyone wishing to attend this event, should create
ANOTHER ID, without telling anyone who they are.  Your new ID's profile, should have a PICTURE of your character in costume.  The Ball will be held in the chat room and NO member shall tell any other member who they are until the designated time, just like a real masquerade ball!

Members should
NOT give hints are on who they are. The fun in this will be guess who each other is!  If someone DOES guess your true Identity before the time, you MUST admit that it is you.  You MUST play your character that's in 'costume' as your character you do now, but do your best not to give yourself away to soon.

The object is to eliminate members by guesses their
TRUE identity.  The member or members who are left at the end of the night, whom no one guessed the true identity will be declared the winner, and given an award for their profiles or web sites!

Here's a hint:  if you are planning on attending, BE SNEAKY and start thinking about your "costume" and join the club, when nobody is looking. Do NOT tell if you are going

To create a new Yahoo Id, you must sign up, like you do not already have one and get a new email account for this character.  Follow the link here to do so!