Remember when you started role playing?

I believe a couple of you said you also wanted to write a "First Impression"  I thought I had 2 more in my email somewhere, however I can not locate them at this time.  Maybe I am just being 'dizzy' and I didn't get the articles.  If you did send me something, then I apologize because I misplaced the email. 

If you are going to write anything for the times, PLEASE make sure the "subject" of the email coincides with the article itself.   If you are replying to a bulk email that is sent out from any of the clubs, PLEASE change the subject title of the email.

This is such a simple thing and would make my life much easier than searching through emails that all say "Yahoo Club The DDK",  for what I need. With just a little extra TLC for your Damsel, I won't be so DIZZY!