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Awsome Wizard and his wife had a baby girl on February 23 at 10:03 am

A new club

Sting Hellsbane's World of Chaos

Greetings! Welcome to my World of Chaos. I am Sting Hellsbane, the God of this land. Please feel free to post and invite people to join.


Silver Audi on becoming an aunt.  Her sister gave birth to a baby on February 27.

More on the ball


More on Our
Upcoming Event

The Idea for our "Fool's Day" Celebration is the brain storm of our very own Rhyming Faery Clare.

The council has been working on ideas for this celebration, including ending the festivities with crowning a King and Queen Fool.

The crowning of our Fools will take place in The DDK Chat room on Saturday April 1.  A time has NOT been worked out yet.

We will be sending out more details in a special addition Tronicia Times during the month of March.

So for now, if you have any questions or ideas, email us.

We hope you like this idea and we have a good turn out.

The DDK Council
Email us here

Upcoming Event

The DDK will be celebrating "Fool's Day" with a week long of festivities.

Fools Day is the celebration of The DDK 's New Year. 
"Year of the Rhyming Faery"

We are planning to set up Tronicia like a fair, with booths on the town streets

Any member may set up a booth to run as they see fit.

Right now we have two booths for Fools Day, a Tarot Card Reading booth and a Kissing Booth.

The booths will be run with posts.  If you would like to run a booth, it means you MUST get on line the week of Fools Day to read the posts and reply if other DDKers enter your booth.

Please pick something for your booth that nobody else has picked so far, and email us.


A note to all warriors, meges, and anyone.  Kitfaux is excepting anyone to join her group.
Theirs only for sure two people.
If you want pay you will get it.

Thank you,

You are invited

The Shadowhold

Welcome all. I wish I was here to greet everyone  whom enters but  unfortunately I can't. You  may all email me for any  information and I hope to set up a time for any who join to do some actual role playing. I ask that all of you who do enter please remember this is my home and you are welcome as long as you cause no problems and any who does will be warned but once before they are eradicated by me or one of my


Sorceress Mikhala and Nimir Raiel would like to be our  phenomena specialist.

They feel it would allow them to contribute something to the club it would also give them an excuse to pester people.*cheers*

So beware, you will soon be "pestered"

If you have any ideas for them to start with, please email The Tronicia Times and we will forward it to them.

Bad Bad Bad DDKers

Looks like I have to get my whip out soon.  Not one of you sent anything in for the follow columns:

  • Query the faery
  • First Impressions
  • People behind the Characters

Please email The Times to be in any one of these columns for April's  Issue.

If you have any other ideas for a column we would be more than happy to have it run in The Tronicia Times

Web Ring

If you have a Website of your character or anything about Tronicia, please email us and we will send you the info on own to join our Web Ring. 

Our Web Ring is up and running, but not official listed on our Website.  Watch for it coming soon!

Please Note

The Schedule of Events which normally appears on its own page of The Tronicia Times, will soon be listed as its own section of The DDK Website. 

A calendar of the year will be posted with real holidays, club events and member's birthdays. 

Happy Birthday

Spirit of Water

Takissis Knight

Scarred Eternal

T Shadow Wraith