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mostly to the shadows, but my cautious thoughts were dashed and scattered, as usual, by the most intriguing of men. His shoulders were broad enough to make me weep, and his hair was exceedingly well kept. But most intruiging of all, he seemed to be the only male there wearing a masque. Sigh.
In my infatuated staring, I missed whatever happenings occured, surfacing only when some rather juvenile boy began asking the "Mysterious Lady" to dance. Hoping I was not being to forward, I pressed my case to the masqued man, attempting to coerce him into asking me to dance, so I would not shame myself by asking him. Whether or not he saw my eyelashes fluttering away like goldfish kissing, he did ask for my hand in a dance. Oh! Be still my beating heart.
The warmth of his hands was a delight to my cold skin, but he was too cautious and I was unable to feel for the callouses that could signify a man of danger, a man who was a danger to me. We traipsed across the floor, arm in arm. If only this fleeting pleasure would not end.
I again loose track of the events unfolding around me. People came and people went. One whispered into my ear, asking if I was the "Damsel." I did not know who this damsel was, but I played along and replied that I was the damsel. A crowd began to build up. Let me try to recount the names I overheard.
There were in attendance: mystery_maiden_of_masque angel_of_blades Whos_that_Masked_Man aiden_firestorms the_fools_jester jessyka_spellsinger tiva_lersity Light_of_the_heavens_just triste_jabix sable_fang_99 messenger_to_the_king Tilny Erikar_Wildwood lady_slapslight and of course, myself.
The masqued man and the mysterious lady went to take a tour of the castle, but I stayed behind. Oh, yes, I wanted to follow, perhaps to take him into a closed room and suck his husk till it was dry, but. I am too old and too experienced to allow myself that weakness.
Selena was soon to be whisked away, the feeling of Roberto's magick strong in the air. I knew I must recover the chalice of blood from her before it was forever out of my reach. Why else would that foul magician have sent her into this party? I was across the floor, to my dismay, so I broke all protocols and dashed at my greatest speeds to her, to restrain her, to stop her till she handed over the chalice. And strangely enough, for the fighting woman she obviously was, she merely handed it over, no qualm or hesitation involved.
I then noticed what I suspect was a NightSky Knight, Light_of_the_heavens_just. Those annoying crusaders of hypocritical light, the mere presence of one at this occasion was enough to bring out the thrist. I went straighforth to confront this annoying fly, but he ignored me. I screamed at him, the scream that only those of my kind can produce, but still he ignored me. Only when I swept his legs from him did he deign to recognize my presence. He said that he was not a NightSky Knight, but I was so frustrated from being ignored, that I cared not, and wanted only to drink, to quench my thrist.
Straightway I quaffed from the communal drinking table, where the annoying creature followed me and huffed and sighed that I was stealing his drink. AGH!
After slaking my thirst, doing my best to put that insignificant creature out of my mind, I did notice that the jester was going about and opening all the windows. In my mind, I began to replay the visions of past times when that very action was the first portend of imminent invasions. Trust me, I began to watch this nefarious creature most closely.
Well, not exactly. It was about this time that that gorgeous man did return from his repast of mysterious lady. One sight of him, and I forgave him all. Again, again I waited and hoped for someone to begin a dancing, so that I might more freely engage him again. To my joy and wonder, he did so himself, asking if I would like another turn on the floor.
My blood so embolded, I did take care to test his powers, using that speed that flows through my veins to dance him around the floor more quickly than mortal eye can follow. He must within him have some supernatural gifts, for while his breath was taken away, he stumbled not.
I was so impressed with him, his speed, his strength, that I impulsively kissed him apon his mask, upon his cheek.
As he stared at my in confusion, wondering, I am sure, who I was, I overheard a lass lamenting that no one had ever kissed her. I laughed in my head, for I have kissed many, many a lass. I therefore decided to rectify the situation forthwith. Striding across to her, I squeezed her hand and kissed her, full square apon the lips. Oh, such a commotion that created. I am laughing now, thinking back on this still. A man, a woman, oh no! Such little cramped minds these mortal children have.
And once again, my thoughts fell into a daze, revolving around his sweet flesh and the things I could make him feel, till I noticed that the party was over, and everyone begun to unmask. Oh, but no, while I wished greatly to learn just who my sweet man was, I had been to bold to risk showing my face to these. I did then what anyone in my position would do, which is too flee. I picked up the hem and ran like only I can run. But I lost my masque apon the flagstone tiles, so now I will naught be able to be the "Lady_in_Raven_Masque" again.
The Lady in the Raven Masque.

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