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Vella's Group

Vella and Rei have fixed up the complex and it will now be a free inn for travelers in the area.  They have also taken in two Tragons, Namoi and Kojai.

Namoi should be giving birth to 5 kits any day now. They will be keeping Namoi and Kojai at the stables for good. The kits will probably be kept

as well, but they could be given away to good homes.

Oblina is also ready to lay an egg. (Whoa, lots of little creatures!)

Vella is STILLLL looking for that man with the long black hair, and hopes he will stop by the complex sometime.

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Huma's Group

Lord Even Darol

back when he was taken for dead.

Then he finds out some one is impersonating his son who is supposedly dead from an attack by a dragon...

a gorge and he DIED. And now he's GONE for GOOD!

Now the chaos for the succession to the House Darol begins, and since Kiya is gone who knows who's next in line.

Huma, Gleep, Honoria, and Aberyl are  in Huma's homeland, Krynn.

The group just arrived in the Silvanesti court. The Speaker, that's Huma, just came


If anyone is confused as to what I'm talking about, I don't blame you. Suffice to say that Eternal dropped Kiya's daddy down