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I went to the ball under the alias "mystery maiden of masque" and a mystery I remained, though many people were close... I was terrible at guessing people, the only person that I guessed was the one I'd known the longest, and am in the most clubs in with, Hawknick, or "Tiva Lersity" at the ball. I guess I kind of guessed "forever endless" to be Nomad Scry, but I never SAID so. At least not until someone else (DID) guessed it first. There was also the VERY mysterious Lady in Raven Masque. I guessed that she was Honoria, but who will ever know?

I enjoyed being thought of as Samant T Wizard, and also was asked if I was Ana Aijin. Hawknick knew me, but he didn't know my character, as with everyone else. They guessed "Terra_Skye" but... I was "Gloria_Azhrei" :P so there.

I seriously can't believe how people missed my hints, unless they ignored all posts by Gloria_Azhrei.

Hint 1: With Whos that Masked Man I started to explore the palace, and noted that

it was so old... and large... I grew distant, for my character thought about how she could have possibly lived in a palace as a princess, in a far away land. She wasn't called Azhrei for nothing.

Hint 2: Whispering and the hair colour change, also in accompaniment with "Whos that Masked Man". Terra Skye could do the same trick, using her psionics, but would not need to whisper.

Hint 3: This was MAJOR! I can't believe no one noticed! When "Aiden Firestorm" came in, a winged tiger, A WINGED TIGER! I went wild. Who's work was this marvelous creature? For I'd never heard of one in nature... Nor one in Tronicia. And certainly I hadn't made a winged tiger. In case you are wondering why this is such a big give away, Gloria Azhrei works in cloning and Kimeras, otherwise known as duplicates and melded monsters/animals.

Hint 4: Gloria Azhrei wears glasses, though she doesn't need them. They are a fashion statement. But she

didn't wear glasses to the ball, and scratched her nose, as if something were missing.

Overall I had a great time, though I did snooze off at the end there  "zzzzzzZZZZ" I couldn't bear to leave. But I did after muttering out a few comments and spoke vocally about being let into the X-rated club, and Proclaiming that I had TOLD everyone I was a lot like Samant! Oh well... Maybe I should sleep now?

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I felt that my costume was complete, so I left the inn and quickly made the short journey to the castle, where the big event of the evening was the Masquerade Ball. Being a relatively unknown new-comer to this realm, I did not expect for many, if any, to see through my disguise.
I was wearing an indigo crushed velvet gown, with a lovely black lace shawl, along with the part of my outfit that I loved best, my raven's feather masque. I arrived fashionably late, observing those who had arrived before me. I soon realized that amongst this crowd, there is no fashionably late, only come or not come.
I had intended to stay

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