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Welcome to the DDK Newbie Guide-Interacting with other members

When interacting with other members, it is best to let them decide how your post will end up if it affects their characters.


*Note theses are not real characters. Just for example. Ralph is a Paladin. Bob is an evil mage, who is trying to kill Ralph.
Posted by Ralph

Ralph charges Bob his sword raised above his head. He swings it down, aiming it right at Bob's neck.

A reply by Bob

Bob jumps to the left and rolls out of the way. He quickly raises his hands and a faint glow begins to eminate from round him.
Bob:"Dragon's Fire!"
A ball of fire erupts from Bob's hands, rushing towards Ralph.

A reply by Ralph
The ball of fire hits Ralph directly in the arm. The flesh on Ralphes arm burns a bit and falls off. The burn mark leaves Ralph's bone visable. Ralph throws the sword into his good arm.
He thrust the sword into the air and a white aura surrounds his injured arm.
Ralph:"Divine Healing!"
The flesh on his arm repairs itself and Ralph once again charges at Bob.

End of Example

Now do you see how neither one roleplayed for the other's character, but they were still able to keep the roleplay going. That is what we here in the DDK strive for. Many posts are much longer than that though. I just used the short posts for demonstrational purposes. You can posts for the other person' character IF you either have their permission, or the character is specified to be a NPC, non-player character. Ususally if you get their permission, the two of you have either discussed what you want to happen in e-mail or while chatting.

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