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"The Tronicia Times is where we spread the news
Articles, characters, polls and current issues" Clare The Faery

The Tronicia Times started with The DDK's One Year Anniversary, in October 1999.  The Times  grew very fast it's first year. With each passing month members pushed the Times further with more articles, such as People Behind The Characters, FIRST IMPRESSION, Query the  Faery, Knights of the Zodiac, The Oracle, Top 10, Sludge in your Mind and the Gossip Column. The Times included IC and OCC stories as well.

The small little newspaper, that started out as the very first idea on The DDK site, turned into a overwhelming task each month, pushing the publication and Damsel to the limits. In the fall of 2000 after the first DDK trip, the printing press just burnt out from being on over drive.

Even though Times has been on a year long hiatus, members continue to ask "When will the next issue come out?"

Our answer is "If the members are still willing to write articles for the Times, then we will publish another issue"


Back Issues of the Tronicia Times

November 1999

This was the very first web page on this site. we have not changed it in any way

December 1999

January 2000

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April 2000

Summer 2000

Fall 2000

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