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"The Kingdom- The world in which we thrive
Where are characters die or stay alive"
Clare the Faery

The large and beautiful Kingdom of Tronicia and surrounding Kingdoms have many areas to explore. Tronicia the capital is in the north-east of the Kingdom ruled by the Windrider Family. With Phantom Peaks protecting it to the north, Moon Shadow Forest to the west, the Gem Bright Sea to the East and the Tengu River to the south.

The capital is hustling and bustling with people and businesses. There are 4 guarded gates into the city from each direction. The city is divided into 4 quarters, the Wealthy, Poor, Thieves and Merchants. The Wealthy Quarter is the top north east side, from there you can venture to the Castle or visit the temples and shrines of all the Gods or attend the University or visit the Zoo. The Thieves quarter is west of the Wealthy quarter , it consists of back alleys and meeting places for the thieves guilds as well as the city jail. The Poor Quarter is south west of the Thieves Quarter. It has houses and some businesses, but most people work across town in the Merchants Quarter. The Merchant Quarter is the south east area of the capital on the bank of the Tengu River. It has loading docks for trade and shipping. The Merchants quarter is lined with Warehouses, Mills, Stables, and Inns. The most popular of all Inns is Asina's Inn, most over night visitors to Tronicia stay at Asina's Inn. To view maps of each quarter, please join DDK Map Emporium

The Tengu River runs from the Gem Bright Sea to Lake Oni into the Kingdom of Olerayn. The city of Tuatha is a trading city used by both Kingdoms. The city of Fryor is on the banks of the Kainen River, which is also used as a trading route.

Lake Oni is one of the most magical places in the Kingdom. Named after the Goddess,it is said Lake Oni was once a Valley where Oni watched over the people of Tronicia.

In the Gem Bright Sea you will find Fearies inhabiting Turquoise Isle and the Steel Soul Dragon Clan living on Emerald Isle.

Our Kingdom is waiting for you to explore it. Every area on the map came from the creative minds of The DDKers.

Olerayn Kingdom The Kingdom of Mankora Explore Onyx Isle
Zircon Isle
Moonstone Isle is Open to be Explored
Beware of  Phantoms Peaks
Magical Lake Oni where anything can happen Feary Island
Khazadistan Kingdom. Akabab is the Capital
Coral Isle the largest of the Gemstone Islands Who lives on Azure Island? it's waiting for you
What lurks in Moon Shadow Forest Gem Bright Sea leads you to the Islands
City of Tuatha, named after the eldest Daughter of Goddess Oni Capital City
Jasper Isle Amethyst Isle
The Kingdom of Tronicia Jade Isle
Peridot Isle
Beautifule Sapphire Isle.  Sapphires are Damsel's  favor gems
Home of The Steel  Soul Dragon Clan Who lives on Bloodstone Isle
The Duchy of Lemnosay Obsidian Isle Topaz Isle Ruby Isle Diamond Isle
Garnet Isle
Ebony Isle
Opal Isle
Aquamarine Isle



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