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"Special Events...the cool stuff that sets us apart,
Balls and Masquerades, birthdays, anniversarys...matters of the heart " Clare the Faery

The DDK holds two annual events each year, which have become tradition. Both events grow larger with each passing year becoming more exciting and fun then the year prior.

Masquerade Ball - The ball is held starting Feb. 27 and ends March 6.

Members are invited to attend the Ball by joining the Windrider Castle Club in their "Masquerade ID". You're Masquerade Id is your costume for the Ball. You should not tell anyone who you are until guessing begins at the end of the week.

Awards are given for best costume and best role playing, as well as others. So start thinking about what you will be this year!

Please vote for your favortie DDKers who attended the ball in 2002

See you at the ball in Feb. 2003.

The last week in March is know as Fools Week throughout the land. Tronicians celebrate the end of the year with a week long festival ending on the first day of our New Year, April 1.

Contests are held and individually run and operated by your fellow DDKers. A King and Queen Fool are chosen, contest are held, games are played and the famous Treasure Hunt takes place.

Fools week takes over a month to perpare for. If you are creative and would like to host your own contest or have ideas for the 2002 fools week, write to us we would like to hear from you.

Your Name:
Your Email:
I would like to help by:
Holding a contest
Helping with the Treasure Hunt
Help in selecting the name for the new DDK year

Please add any comments you have below:

Please make sure you add your email address or your request will be lost in cyber space!

Member's Birthdays

11th Lan Wolf Rider

14th Fire Dragon
27th Chicken Little Dragon
28th Clymene's Birthday

20th T Shadow Wraith
24th Hawnick

4th Damsel
22nd Vella

11th Slayer
17th Steel Ronin


Knight Huma
4th Nomad Scry
6th Knight in Shining Armor

29th Anniversary of the Dragon, Damsel & Knight meeting

6th Sting Hellsbane
17th Zodiac Knight Alric
21th Terra Skye
26th Shattered Knight

2nd Edsrpgsgm
9th Narrator
13th Laurynskye

5th Shadowsong
27th Gandof T Wizard
23th Cross
20th Clare the Faery
If your name and Birthday does not appear on the list above, please submit the following form and you will be added.

Please make sure you add your email address or your request will be lost in cyber space!



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