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Welcome to the DDK Newbie Guide-Beginning your Quest

To begin your quest, read some of the back posts in the message board area. Then if you can find one that sounds interesting, check someone in that storylines profile to see if you can find their e-mail address. Then e-mail them asking to join their storyline, and discuss ways to jump in, both sides can discuss ways.

If someone turns you down, don't let it get you down. Go to the Unofficial DDK and ask around if you are unable to find a storyline or an e-mail for someone. Most of the people will take the time to give you an e-mail or to help find a storyline for you, or maybe even start one with you.

Now just start Roleplaying and you will soon find yourself unable to quit. I guarantee you will make at least one good friend during your time here. Then all that is left is to have fun and be creative

Proceed to learn how to interact with other characters

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