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Welcome to the DDK Newbie Guide-Creating Your Character

First off when deciding on how to create your character, I recommend choosing a name, occupation, gender, and race for your character.

For example my character, Slayer, is an archmage, male, and a half dragon. Then you might choose to pick an age for your character. Slayer is approximately 4000 years old (but he is an immortal, so your character will probably not be that old unless he/she is immortal).

Then you might decide to choose your powers, abilities, and skills. These should all follow suit with your character's occupation. Slayer can use all kinds of magic because he is an archmage. Also he frequently enchants things.

Now comes the hard and sometimes most difficult part of the character creation process, the History. This can be short or long. But it should include maybe a brief description of the character's heritage or upbringing, maybe a reason he/she choose their occupation, a reason for their purpose, and also any other information you forgot to include in the earlier parts of your character creation process.

*Note* This imformation should be on your Yahoo profile you are using for The DDK. We strongly recommend you use a unique profile for The DDK and do not use it in any other RPG.

An Example

Your Yahoo! ID
Yahoo! ID: archmage_slayer
Location: Tronicia
Age approx. 4000
Marital Status Single, Not Looking
Gender: Male
Occupation: Archmage

Use the areas of "Hobbies" and "Latest News" on your Yahoo profile for History information on your character, your powers, skills and so on.

Join The DDK Interest Group once you're profile is completed

Do NOT leave your email address blank! Other members might need to get in touch with you. If you don't want to use your email address you can always sign up for DDK email.

Proceed to learn how to begin your quest

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