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The rules of the land
Rule 1 No Powergaming, ie. God-moding, killing other people's character's without permission, or other things of the sort
Rule 2 Your Yahoo! ID must be about your character and of a name suitable for your character, no numbers should be in your ID name
Rule 3 Be respectful towards people. NO insulting people OOC. If you feel this is neccessary, then please do so through email or use our feed back form to tell us the problem. The insulting of people OOC is a serious matter and will be handled as such.
Rule 4 Try not to be offline for extended periods of time without notifying someone. Email the This takes time from other characters who are waiting on you to respond to their roleplays. If you must be absent for a while, either notify someone in your storyline, and give them permission to use your character while you are gone, or roleplay something suitable to keep your character away for a while.
Rule 5 No controlling other people's character, Playable or NPC(non-player character) without their permission. And no killing their NPC's either.
Rule 6 If your roleplays contain questionable subjects, then post something in parenthesis '(' ')' at the top of your message warning others of the questionable subjects.
Rule 7 No borrowing of storylines from copyrighted games/books/movies/ is against the law and we do not in anyway condone it.
And We have some recommendations also
Rec. 1 Interact with other people. You can easily make a lifelong friend ith just a little work. Join some of our OOC Clubs
Rec. 2 Get involved with all the aspects of the DDK, not just the roleplaying world. The DDK is compromised of many different things.
Rec. 3 Don't try to hurry your roleplays. Fill them with as much description as possible.
Rec. 4 Have fun!

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