your wining, and just relax and enjoy it! If you don't like it, then leave! (splat) I am sure the rest of the guys wouldn't mine having me in control!"

Sam: "Awsome you're too nice to be can come be on the "nice" list though being with Damsel suits you better."

Nomad: "To those who mistakenly believe that it is the guys job to be on top, you don't know what you are missing, even beyond an open mind.
And I have a feeling that Damsel -could- back me up here, a little... confirmation, as it were."

Shadowsong_22: "Hey what happened here did I miss something? I get to be entertained. I thought Igot to pick the entertainer. Not that I'm complaining but I've been out for awhile and I hate not keeping up. Well I'm back now so we'll see what happens. Entertain away go on impress me. :)"

Shadowsong_22: "Silence was not the stern reply from Shadowsong.  She was indisposed. But is back in action and choosing her sandwich."

Shadowsong_22: "Well I know I want to be next to nomad scry if he can entertain well but I'm not sure about the others. Do I have any takers for the list. ;)"

DID: "Nomad??? *gets a little jealous* Ok you can be next to Nomad, but I'll be watching you :-P"

DID: "So Shadowsong do you want to be on top? or under Nomad? I think I need to move people around on this list.....And why hasn't Shattered Knight asked to be on the naughty list yet??? *looks at
Shattered* Get your butt over here!

followed by
Fire Dragon,
Nomad Scry,
Zodiac Knight Alric,
T Shadow Wraith,
First Knightt
Awsome Wizard

Archmage Slayer"

Slayer: "I'll volunteer for that list, since Damsel won't play with me!"

DID: "if you're playing with Shadow, and so is Nomad...who is playing with me?????
come play with me!"

Shadowsong_22: "How about beside him? Can I do that. Because I like that a lot. ;) You don't have to be jealous DID I won't be too bad."

DID: "so we can share him? wonder what he'll have to say about this, when he gets on line *grin*"

Nomad: "What do I say? Hmmmm... lt's see, I like beside. I'd need info to entertain. (Thanx for the vouch, DID.) I'm sure we can all sort of "mingle" to make sure Shadowsong is "entertained" and Damsel is "played" with. <Big Evil Grin> X, away?

The story of the N&N list is continuing in the Unddk on a daily bases.  So stop in and join the rest of the crazy people in our OOC realm.  You need an invitation to join, so please email DID and she'll send you one.

Continued from page 9

is it Merry Hanukah, or is it Guten Ta
gen, no that's not it. Jeff runs into a wall and breaks his skull on the wall. Oh yeah, Merry Birthday, no not that, Merry Christmas! Yeah that's it. Jeff falls to the ground unconscious. Birdies go bye bye"

DID: "about cute, I love that word!
let me explain in my "sick mind"
cute = kittens....kittens = purrrr....and if you get me to purrrrrrrr then you're doing something right *evil grin*
So cute is one of my favorite words...dont knock it until you puuuuuurrrrrrrr too!"

DID: "Ok here's the list:
followed by
Fire Dragon,
Nomad Scry,
Zodiac Knight Alric,
T Shadow Wraith,
First Knightt
Awsome Wizard
Archmage Slayer

Shadowsong gets to pick who she wants to be inbetween whenever she gets her butt back on line! So where on the list do you want to be??????
And Where is Shattered Knight? isnt he on this list? If not, he'll be joining *looks at her watch* annnnyyyyy minute now"

awsome_wizard: "Hey dammit I want to be at the TOP!!!!!!:-)"


DID: "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to be in control, and you will stop

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