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Sam: ":turns and faces Edsrpgsgm:
Welcome to the nice list!"

Ana_Ajiin: "Can I be on it too?? PLEEEEEEEEEASE?? I'm nice, aren't I?"

DID: "Ana Ajiin...come on down, you're the next person on ......

Please go to the back of the line
and now Ana Ajiin!!

I would say the nice list is picking up a bit =] I was getting scared that everyone would end up on the 'naughty' side, hehehhehehe"

Clare_the_faery: "ohhhh!!
Lemme go!!!
I've been very nice!!!
Times that twice!! ohhhh!!
Lemme go!!!
I've been good!
Like I should!
I've got nothing to fear!!
No coal THIS year!!
A merry
Little feary
I have been!"

Ana: "Now everyone, picture Rudolph from the tv special when I say this.... I'm nice, she thinks I'm NICE!!  *giggles* (gods, I haven't done that in a LONG time....)
Thank you DAMSEL!!!"

edsrpgsgm: "Thank you for putting me on the nice list, DID. (Even though I don't deserve it!)"

DID: "Clare the faery

you have been so merry
Join the Nice list
If you wish!!!
Ana Ajiin
and Clare the feary

Nomad: "Ah... it is so rather easy to get bored of, isn't it... <G> Which is why it can be so fun to RP..."  -- I feel I wasn't clear the first time, so let me elucidate.  It is easy to get bored of being nice, but that it can be fun to role play being nice.  I said this in response to ShadowSong saying that she got tired of being nice.

Nomad: "hmmm, does this mean I should attempt to entertain the Shadow, also? Or are you a jealous,
DID, visiting your wrath upon even the third and fourth generations? <G> (vague distortion of an old testament quote)"

DID: "I have to think about this one! I don't know if i wanna share....ok I thought about it, I'll just go play with someone else while you "entertain" Shadow. sounds good to me! And I know just the person, or rather the Knight *evil grin*"

Nomad: "<biggest grin> Mwuhahahahaha! On second thought, if SS is on the N list ahead of me, perhaps -I- should be running... the whole B Widow thing again, eh, m'Lady? <EG> I win the trophy for being unclear.  If ShadowSong is naughtier than I, perhaps I should be wary of the  BlackWidow effect

DID: "Shadowsong is allowed to pick which 2 men, she would like to line up "in-between" however, if she picks my favorites...I am moving her @$$ to the back of the line, and declaring you all MINE!"

Nomad: "Notice the silence coming from

Shadow's Song?"

DID: "Give shadowsong some time, she's not on line yet! I am the only nut job around here, who is on almost 24/7!!  yesterday I talked to Red,
BEFORE he went to sleep, then in the early hours of the am, I saw him on
line and asked him why wasn't he sleeping??  and he said, because its time to go to school!! Guess that meant I was the one who should have been sleeping! he's like a 12 hour difference.  I am wondering WHEN I do sleep?? I know I do, because my bed looks like someone is sleeping in it unless its just the cats sleeping in my bed...I am starting to wonder."

Nomad: "I assume you sleep... <G> I know I do... And yes, I suppose I should have patience for those not
a addicted to the (hahaha) world wide wait as myself.  I used to chat with this lady from Oz, she was 14 hours ahead of me... got rather confusing at
times... <G>"

Slayer: "Why am I on the bottom of the naughty list?  If you and chicken get a divorce, can I marry you next? Will you and Shadowsong fight and the winner gets all the guys? It could be in a mud pit..........just a thought. BTW, we all love you Damsel! Happy Christmas, or

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