Top 10 Signs you know
DID is going to crack her whip

1.  When you start posting OOC in the original DDK.

2.  When you don't answer her emails

3.  When everyone else ducks for cover

4.  When you tell her you don't have your column done yet.

5. When Archmage Slayer opens his mouth

6. When you interrupt her and Chicken Little alone in the Chat room

7. When you post on any place that has the #22 in it

8.   When you make fun of The DDK.

9.   When you don't show up online for three days in a row and tell her your excuse is a sore throat... because she knows that sore throats don't keep fingers from typing.

10.  Every she gets the chance- cause she's really into this - but ssssshhhhh don't tell anyone or you will be next- then again it might appeal

For next month answer this:
Top 10 reasons why The DDK is better than real life
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Have a Happy Solstice Holiday Season, one and all!


Looking for help for an army

LONG-term army for Syota, my home country, (something close to Tronicia).

Syota is always getting  invaded.  We need protection until my people get "back on their feet."

Thing is, I'll take an immediate volunteer army, which would be great, OR I'll work for the money to hire one. (either's fine).

I'm talented enough to do ANY job. I'm can be a cook to a homemaker, or scholar  to warrior. So, I think I could be easily used for a number of odd-jobs.

Shi Kana
Email me here

The Stars

Do you like learning about the stars? Are you an expert? Or do you just walk outside at night, and look

If you answer any of these questions Yes, please follow me, as I will show you the way to the brightest stars.

Join me Here

Yaksha the


I would like to say happy holidays to my friends:


Yaksha the

Public Notice

Asina Inn has been taken over by the Kingdom, due to her recent move out of Tronicia, after her wedding.

The Kingdom as appointed Alric to run the Inn, and take over as new management.

However failure to take care and Managed the Inn will result in dismissal of his duties.

(since he never gets me his column on time, if he messes this up I will throw him in the dungeon for good)

Tronicia Times wants you

If you have any ideas for a column or an article please summit your ideas in and email NOT in an IM to the Times, by
January  10

Email us here

Love to all

Thank you for being my Friends. I wish everyone happy holidays and a great new year.  I am looking forward to more adventures with all of you. And please don't make me have to whip anyone this year!

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