Tronicia Times

Volume 1 Issue 3,  December 1999

Due to the short notice of the wedding ceremony not many fellow Tronicians could make it.  But here is what some had to say:

just show me to the cake and the food!!! congrats if i dont make it to the ceremony. 


Asinia and Jin might I be permitted to lend an honor gaurd of some of my elite to your wedding I also have a gift for you  that I will give to you personally I hope you like it

Congrats and I pitty you !!! Now you have a BALL & CHAIN!!!

We haven't seen much of the couple since the wedding, it is believed they have moved away, and will forever be on their honeymoon.   The only problem is, the Inn has been left with nobody running it.  Looks like we'll be having a new Inn Keeper soon.

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If Jin and Asina's wedding took you by surprise, imagine how Damsel felt, at her own wedding. She had no clue her Dragon would show up and  propose to her and marry her on the very same evening.

On November 27 just a little before midnight, Chicken Little Dragon and Damsel in Ddestress where wed next to Oni Lake.  There was no one in attendance, however word spread quickly throughout town that Damsel was married.
Here's what people had to say when word reached them:

I'm sorry I couldn't make....and I was suppose to be the maid of honor.   
Samant T Wizard
Congratulations on your recent marriage on Nov. 27th. I wish you two a happy life together, and hope you make the best of it.  Congratulations on finally getting together.   the
Spidercat Dragoon

WOW!!! CONGRATS!!!! ^_^ I bet you're REALLLLLLY Happy! I know you two will  have a wonderful life together and forever (especially if YOU have something to say about it. You're probably not even gonna let the Dragon out of your site for a second! ^_^) Now you don't have to sing "Some day my prince will come" any more. See, I told you your wish would come true one day.   Gandof T Wizard

Congratulations DID I'm glad your wishes came true. What's really nice is that they happened so quickly after you were wishing for them just a week or so ago.  Shadowsong

The happy couple have felt Tronicia and wont be back until the Dragon turns back into a Prince.