Here's what people are saying about
The DDK and
The Tronicia Times!

COOL!! Club of the Week!!
And 99% of it is due to your hard work, you earned it. Well done.
Yours in Vile Evilness
Malignant Mage

Congratulations! It couldn't happen to a nicer DID, club founder of the week!
Selena Moonstone

Way cool.

I have read the first copy and thought that it was just great.  Keep up the good work and I do look forward in seeing more!!  I believe that you will be quite successful!!  Well, this firedragon will be flying around to burn the evil that lurks in the kingdom. 

Way too cool, Damsel! Puts my newsletters to shame.
From club founders club

I went and looked at your newsletter!! HA! That's no newsletter....that's an EVENT!! What a wonderland of good ideas you have!!
From Club Founders Club

I understand you've been spending much  time on the Paper.  ^_^ Well, I compliment you!  It turned out excellent! Both informative AND amusing. You've the most organized and   well run RPG club I've ever been part of.
Congratulations on your success!
Fanatical goddess of blood

GREAT JOB on the Newspaper!!!! All that work shows!! It looks great ^_^
Gandof T Wizard

Cool paper. Excellent. great job!
Yaksha the Archdemon

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