Nomad_Scry: "I'm on the naughty list??? Is this the boring naughty list or is like the one that used to meet in back of the gym after school? <BG> BTW: ShadowSong, are you sure you want to associate with DID? She is a known curruptor, you know... <G>"

Shadowsong_22: "You're too late Nomad. But I think the corruption was mutual. I was tired of being nice."

DID: "This is the naughty, naughty list Nomad!!! You know how naughty I am <G> not boring at all...but now that RED joined us, we have to do something with that little one...he's to young to be playing with someone grab his feet, someone else grab his hands, and lets stuff him in a box or something!   And you leave Shadowsong alone! she's just as naughty without me, as she is with me! you should read the jokes SHE sends ME!!!"

DID: "Anyone want to fill out an Application to be Damsel's new man?? Run the kingdom with her??  *grin* There are many Benefits that come along with the job *evil grin*  If anyone thinks they are the man 'up' for the job...please take an application, fill it out and you will be called for an Interview (do I have to really make up and application now?)"

edsrpgsgm: "Can I be on the nice list, too? *Just to fill it out a bit.*"

DID: "Edsrpgsgm come on down
your the 2nd person on, Santa's NICE list.  please take your place behind Samant.

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and the list keeps going, and going and going and going....anyone else wanna be on the "NAUGHTY" list???   If you want to be on the "NICE" list, talk to Sam, she's on the top of that one"

Slayer: "considering my little 'bout with the whole kinky thing and the whip, I'll hafta choose the naughty list....."

DID: "Archmage Slayer come on down..... your the next person on......
Santa's naughty list"

Shadowsong22: "Well considering our plans for Las Vegas I guess I must join the naughty list too"

DID: "Shadowsong, COME ON DOWN...... your the next person on... SANTA'S NAUGHTY LIST!  take your place anywhere in line....pick which two men you would like to be 'sandwiched' in between, and just cut right in"

Shadowsong22: "Woo hoo I get to pick? Even better! Hmmnnnn do I get to take a peek before I choose?"

Samant_T_Wizard: "I'm on a list now! I'm glad it's the "nice" list all the stuff I do for you...."

DID: "You're at the TOP of the "Nice" list! I dont know who else will join you on that list...I think the rest are all naughty...LOL"

redragon_99: "i want to be in the nice list too!"

DID: "YOU!!! you are naughty RED! you make me NUTS! move to the back of the line!
~Redragon come on down, you are the next member on the naughty list!!!~

UNddk events that have transpired that Nomad found of interest enough to record...
This article is Rated R for some sex-related material.

A long time ago, in the dim annals of history, a voice spoke.  The voice was female and it said, "Shadow, if none of the guys come to your rescue, I'll try again tonight, and add your picture to my profile and see what happens.  (these guys are good for only ONE thing! and even then, some of then aren't that good)

It was the voice of DID and from it came a vast outpouring of response..

The_Archmage_Slayer: "That was very naughty DID! Do you have something on the brain????"

DID: "Yes thats right I am on Santa's naughty list! right up at the top in BIG letters it says:
followed by
Fire Dragon,
Nomad Scry,
Zodiac Knight Alric,
T Shadow Wraith,
First Knightt
Awsome Wizard....

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