Hawknick is played by Nick age 11, who lives in NC, with his mom, dad, brother and 2 dogs, sandy and angel. Hawknick is in middle school and enjoys playing on the internet.  He joined The DDK because he had to do this "weird day vacation thingy" and after talking to DID he stayed as a member.  Hawknick was also kidnapped by BSK and will be returning to Tronicia since Deflag rescued them.

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Knight Huma is played by Kris age 14, who lives in Texas.  He enjoys  being in choir, and has been since he was in the fourth grade. He has  won about 6 or 7 contest in the last three years. He loves to read, especially DragonLance, and enjoys to playing

computer games, playstation, and just hanging with his friends. He also spends time writing Fantasy stories and poems. He hopes to become a pediatrics surgeon.  Huma is on The DDK Council and is the editor and chief of The Tronicia Times.  He had been very active 'behind the scenes" of The DDK but has not been in a main story line for a couple of months.  Contrary to popular belief, he did not copy his character from Dragon Lance. Like many other DDKers, the idea of his character was  inspired by an outside influence. From there he formatted his own character to role play.  Huma will be meeting up with The DDKers on the first DDK group Trip, and looks forward to yelling "DID" when he meets Damsel. He is also looking forward to meeting Nomad Shadow and Mage on this historic trip

Ddker saranit vntwo  is played by Saranit age 13 who lives in Chiang Mai with his family.  He loves the DDK, and hopes that it will stay active for many years to come. Since he

live in Thailand, internet time is less expensive than other countries, making him able to play online. He tries to attend

chats but can only on Saturday nights, which would be Sunday morning for him, but can not stay long. He has always like RPGs. He loves Fantasy books, but it is hard to find them in Chiang Mai. English books are very expensive and Fantasy is hard to find.  So since  he was 9 years old he made up fantasies stories in his head. In the DDK he thinks before he makes a move but  sometimes things happen that he didn't think would. Recently Saranit purposed a new idea in the Unddk to help newbies understand how join and create characters.  His idea is was met with a lot of enthusiasm.  And will become a great tool which will aid all newbies to pass through the gates of The DDK.

Volume 2, Issue 2

Page A-2

Behind the Characters

Tronicia Times

People Behind The Characters

Steel Soul Dragon is played by Nate, age 16 who lives in Minnesota with his Mom and Dad.  Steel joined the DDK and soon created his own club called Emerald Isle.  His clan was almost destroyed in a war and they needed a new home.  Upon coming to Tronicia, they settled on Emerald Isle. 

George Cooper is played by Patrick age 15, who lives in CA with his parents, 2 cats, and dog.  George likes to make friends with people  that are not afraid of him being a were-wolf. In his spare time he likes to howling at the moon.  He joined the DDK because he likes RPGs and is making friends with whoever he can.

The Nolan, is played by Sebbie age 19 who lives in NJ.  The Nolan isn't an active member, although he does have the inside track on what's going on behind the scenes at DDK headquarters, since he works with Damsel.  His main job at headquarters is to pick the club of the week (if we start that again). He would like to make some friends in The DDK, but nobody posts to him and he is sad.  In his spare time he enjoys being  in color guard and practicing every minute he can.