The Netherworld Club

By Sir Orim

I'm basing the Netherworld Club on my own imagination.

The Netherworld was created by the Goddess of the Pool. She created the Netherworld in the beginning of time when the stars formed and the worlds were new. The Netherworld is a magical place not like any other. It exists in an outside-of-time world, but it has its own realms and fantasy. There are portals in the Netherworld that lead to all other dimensions. Magic and supernatural events are a common day occurrence in the Netherworld. All manner of creatures dwell there including unicorns,

Dwarves, dragons, giants, and humans. They are not from just one place but from different dimensions. Those who enter the Netherworld are changed forever. If a person returned to their original world after being in the Netherworld their body would be altered from solid matter to that of phantasma.

The Netherworld is not without danger, though. There is good as well as evil that dwells there. Next to the Goddess of the Pool is a warrior of unspeakable evil. He is a demi god known as the Fire Lord. The Fire Lord dwells at the Farthest Shore across the sea.

He is the sum of all evil. He holds sway over the Farthest Shore. He draws his powers from the stagnant of evil itself. He thrives on fear, ambition, and nightmares. He consumes all the evil and ill intent of every being in the universe. The only thing that makes his dominion absolute is gaining the whole of the Netherworld himself. He has armies of the Fire Ones, creatures made of

complete burning energy. They do his bidding. He also employs the Chaos Knights, a group of warriors who fight for nothing more

than the love of war and death. Money and power mean nothing to them as long as they can create as much carnage as they

can. The Fire Lord's greatest want is to conquer the whole of the

Netherworld. Once this is accomplished he will use the portals to send his armies to conquer every dimension and world, making himself Master of the Universe. However, there is a prophecy that one day there will be a young man of great renown in the Real World who will come. He will have gone through great tragedy

and loss, but when he comes and is proclaimed Emperor of the Netherworld it will spell certain doom for the Fire Lord and his minions.

The story line we will follow has two aspects. There will be characters from the Netherworld to play, as well as characters from the Farthest Shore to play. It will be a little like the DDK where you can write in your story lines for your characters, but it will have a main plot to follow. Also, in this club you can play any creature you want. There will always be a main story

See Netherworld

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Volume 2, Issue 2

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Story Lines

Tronicia Times

Pantheon of Oni

The Pantheon of Oni

By Slayer

After Oni left Econia, she created a place of peace and refuge that only gods and goddesses could enter. She named the place Aronia. Her three children, Asimonen, Tuatha, and Kartada, broke the bond Oni had earlier instilled upon them. The breaking of that bond created yet more awareness,

19 total. The awareness took on forms. Seven were good. They followed Asimonen. They named themselves; Valeri, Sethaph, Lavinia, Kain, Orin, Olithya, and Uclaniy (who later became evil). Five were evil. They followed

Kartada. They named themselves; Rhaindall, Maefhen, Caradoc, Linika, and Davner. And there were seven that were neither good or evil. Five followed

Tuatha, while two remained loyal only to Oni. The five that followed Tuatha named themselves; Redgar, Dasta, Cheverre, Avendes, and Kestra.

The two that remained

loyal to Oni named themselves Faber and Tiamorta. Oni and her 22 descendants were all welcome in Aronia. Even though, all 22 have been together only twice. The first time was when the gods and goddesses granted man the ability of magic. The second time was when they forbade the un-making of things.