the grains and the general make up of it is what makes it very different from wheat and why its necessary for the unicorns. Unicorns depend on it to keep

strong bones and sere from illnesses that only unicorns can get.

If deprived from granis to long unicorns, especially pregnant ones, are extremely susceptible to sickness. The most common one is internal bleeding which most often leads to death. That is what happened to the unicorn Whitecloud. Because she was deprived of granis for to long she began to bleed internally what caused her and her child's death.

Another problem with

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The Legend of the Unicorns

By  Lady Tamerila

Unicorns are mystic but elusive creatures. They stay in herds and are friendly to each other but tend to shy away from humans. Unicorns herds or families each have private lands away from people because of their tendency to shy away. These lands can harbor up to ten families from the area around there because of the size of the actual land.

Yet unicorns are a species that must travel to mate. They also hate staying in one place so they never stay at their land for long periods of time. Unfortunately that can cause problems for a unicorn or even

become fatal for a couple of reasons. The main reason is their need to live on granis.

Granis is a plant with similar build and look to the common wheat plant yet there are some major

differences. For you see the oils that come from

granis is the fact that it is very rare and hard to grow. It really only thrives in lands that unicorns have inhabited for thousands of years.

As if  the lack of granis wasn't enough of a problem for moving unicorns there is another. The effect unicorns have on people. Due to the rareness of unicorns they tend to attract a large amount of people.

It is a tendency for humans to either feel threatened by this new and strange thing, cautious or excepting. Those can not always mean good for unicorns. People sometimes do cruel things or even

jump to conclusions which can cause trouble for unicorns. They also hear of the unicorn gifts, which are extremely special and rare and try to force the unicorns to give them one.

That is why all unicorn families have a human. Not just any human though, but a half unicorn. Tamerila

is a half unicorn. Born from her mother, who was a unicorn , as a human she is chosen to stay with the unicorns forever. She has the life span of a unicorn, which

can be several hundred years. Plus she has

the powers and magic of a unicorn.

Yet it is not all good, tied in is her ability to feel when the other unicorns in her family feel. The day when Whitecloud died Tamerila expressed that a part of her died, which was true. For you see whatever a unicorn in her family feels she feels, be it death or excitement. Such as when the herd stallion and mare mate, she feels it. It is a very tight bond.  One part is the fact Tamerila must spend almost all her life alone, except from her family. Because of the unicorns effect on people Tamerila can't spend time around people. Another bad part is she can't choose a lover that is simply a human. Tamerila must either choose to love another unicorn child, or a dragon child who is similar to a unicorn child save he is bonded with dragons. The unicorns families wont allow any other people to be by them, so Tamerila must live alone or hope she falls in love with one of her kind. Tamerila's life

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Volume 2, Issue 2

Page A-3

The Legend of the Unicorns

Tronicia Times

The Legend of The Unicorns

Photo provided by
Lady Tamerilla