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2nd annual Masquerade Ball is being looked on with great anticipation, and already scheduled  for the last weekend in February.

The next major event to come along was the first annual 'Fools Week" which is a celebration of Tronicia's New Year.  Clare the faery sparked this idea, so in honoring her creativity thinking Tronicia named the year after her.  Week long festivities were plan with kissing booths, tarot card readings in the chat, and the treasure hunt which lead you to different member's web sites to look for clues.  The winners of The Treasure hunt are Nomad Scry, Clare the Faery and Slayer.   Sparked from an idea from Shape Changer, the DDK Brigade was born to commemorate the members who played in the Treasure Hunt.  This area of the website is unfinished but can be reached by using the secret tunnels.

  Another idea, which rippled down from fool's week, was Dru's idea for

Adopt-a-dragons. Thou we got in over our heads

See Review

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Volume 2, Issue 2

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Tronicia Times

Year in Review


From Page L-1

Game plan two was to bombard Yahoo with more emails than they could take until finally someone would hear us. It took a while but we were finally moved out of Titles and into "Individual Games"

The first 'thought' of a DDK trip was posted on Nov 1 1999 (Post 1567) with no plan  in mind other than meeting some DDKers face to face, contrary to belief otherwise.

More ideas for the DDK were growing and the purchase of www.theddk.com was the first step into making this into 'more than just a club'.  With the booming growth of members, there came more questions and more problems. Slayer was the first to be 'thrown in the dungeon" for being a bad Dragon. While other DDKers where called into "Damsel's Office" for fighting.

The UNddk doubled as the first 'council chambers' to help members and help the club grow.  DDKers soon spend free time designing web sites

for their ideas and or characters.  The birth of  the Tronicia club was formed just to help with any questions.

In two months The DDK went from dead to dazzling, and www.TheDDK.com  was launched with only the November issue of The Tronicia Times on it.

However some 1st year DDKers seemed to have concerns the growth was too fast and having 3 clubs was too much.  While others felt Damsel had been working hard to make something out of nothing, hence the birth of the DID Fans and the string of Fan Clubs, Terra joined with her 22 DID clones right behind her, starting another chain reaction with the on going "DID Nicknames".  The 1st Fan club was short lived and was proceeded by The X Rated DID Fan club, created by Slayer, which is still going strong today.

By mid December, Steel and Laylahkislev where having a hot and steamy romance on the DDK message boards, while in the UNddk it was a race to see who would be on Santa's naughty or nice

list.  The 2nd issue of The Times came out, with the 'wedding stories', the first award The DDK won, and the final count of the N&N. Ed/Sel, as we loving call him, became the official map maker of the land.  Creating wonderful maps, so no one will ever be lost again. Ed/Sel later on in the year, also created a club to showcase his masterpieces.

Sailing along in the winter months, The UNddk was recreated to becoming listed again, while more talk of a trip was taking place.  The DDKers were focusing on Las Vegas for this trip, but had a hard time getting it planned. The DDK web site was re-designed again and again and again.

The Masquerade Ball was planned and was a huge success.  Members did their best to disguise themselves so no one would know who they were.   Ana Ajiin won Best Supporting Actress, while Clare the Faery won "Best Actress in a Male Role" Both females gave excellent performances while under their Ball Ids, as well as everyone else who was in attendance. The