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Volume 2, Issue 2

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Tronicia Times

Huma's story about our Trip

Huma's tale of our trip

By Huma...who else

We all know that the DDK trip was October 12, but no one knows what happened. At least no one but those who went. So, I'm gonna tell everyone what happened so that their curiosity will be quenched.

    I will have to begin with Friday, October 13 because seeing that I

already live in Houston, I didn't have to go anywhere for the trip. And Thursday, I had school so I couldn't do anything, BUT that is besides the point.

Damsel and I had made plans to meet up for dinner, along with Nomad ,Shadow, and Mage. We met at a pizza shop. (You'd think they would want world famous Tex-Mex but NOOO they wanted pizza.)  Anyway, we met for dinner and had a blast! It was awesome! Damsel, or should I say Maria, gave me this like way awesome things. I got business cards, yep, I did. I am

now an official card carrying member! Its awesome, I'd show ya but I don't have a scanner so you can't see them, oh well live with it. You should have seen Maria when she saw me. She jumped up and gave me this HUGE hug, my mother was like "Kris, who is that!" It was funny! Anyway, we sat down and ate dinner. Then my dad started asking questions, and lord once he starts he NEVER stops!

Maria started explaining everything, and did you know she wants to have a DDK stock? In fact, she said its going to be out in about three years! I know I am going to buy some, that way I can get rich later in life, not a bad plan huh? That would be awesome huh?

Well, we ate dinner and then played some games, I kicked Maria's butt in

air hockey, LOL

Every game started with me getting the first point. Maria beat me once, but we all know that there is a first time for everything, seeing as I am the best at air hockey (hey, I have to give myself credit here, I beat

both Maria and Nomad, lets see someone else do

that!) [editors note to Huma...I am practicing!]

After we played air hockey and I kicked butt, my mother shocked me with saying "Would you like to come to our house for coffee?" Now this is shocking cause I always told Maria that my mother was VERY protective and didn't like

the idea of me meeting someone offline, especially someone older then me! She made a liar out of me in 5 seconds flat, imagine how I felt! But we are moving on to the better part.

We got to the house and Maria, Shadow (aka Michelle), Nomad, and Mage aka Martin) met my family.  [Editors Note, notice nomad is always just Nomad] They had coffee, talked a little, and were about to leave WHEN, Maria and I hatched a plan for me to go with them to the festival that Saturday. It worked like a charm.

I asked my mother and she was like "We'll see, how much is it?" I went

on-line and checked the price, it was $20 for an adult ticket, and $20 was a lot! My mother was

like "well......we'll see." We waited, and waited until she finally said I could go. Maria and I went ecstatic!! Maria was like "Thank you for letting him come. Your awesome! Thank you, thank you!" I was

just stunned, I expected a no because my mother was so protective. But it was awesome non-the-less.

We got in the car and drove back to the hotel, nothing happened, no big deal. Well when we got there, me being the age I am was starving. And it was almost 1 AM! Maria took me to get hamburgers, lol, when we bought everything (it was for all 5 of us: Maria, Nomad, Michelle, Martin, and me) the lady giving us the food was just shaking her head thinking the two of us were going to eat EVERYTHING! Can you believe that? The nerve ;)

Well we were all really hyped cause I got to go with them so we stayed up till about one just lounging around playing cards. Then we all got ready to go sleep, LOL, that's just it, we got ready. Martin and I stayed up till 3 AM

See Huma

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