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more money than me…especially since I'm a poor Pegasus that has to write a frickin newspaper column to make ends meet…. ANYWAY…Our next dream comes from a certain Damsel in Ddestress

Dear Pegasus of Dreams,

I keep having a certain dream where I wake up and my hair is all cut off!

Dear Damsel,

Wow!  What a FrEaKy dream!!  That would suck having all your hair cut off….ummmm…anyway, back to the interpretation!  Your hair loss could possibly signify a traumatic event coming up in your life…be prepared for some crap.  But don't lose your head over it…I mean…your hair over it.  You'll make it through with a couple of scrapes and bruises and then you will be able to start anew…with a full set of hair.

Well, that wraps it up for this edition of Interpreting the Sludge of Your Mind…see ya'all in

your dreams….*POOF

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tronicia _times/dreams.html

Volume 2, Issue 2

Page L-4

Sludge of your Mind

Tronicia Times

The Sludge of your Mind


the Sludge

of your


by Pegasus of Dreams

Once again, I return from the Dream Realm not to find an assignment about cooking, but some stupid assignment about dreams!  Please, you people act as though I'm qualified for this type of crap or something.  They don't teach you about writing newspaper columns in flying school.  Sheesh!

Our first dream comes from a poor lost soul named Terra_Skye…

Dear Pegasus of Dreams,

Lately I've had this dream about a bunch of people… It's strange. I see my father, and Damsel, Dustin, Calista and so many others I don't

know. I see a strange new beautiful lad and a man there. I also see Armeas and my mother. Armeas was taking a shower underneath a BEAUTIFUL waterfall and *blushes* well, you know… My mother was fighting Vruman again, and this time he face me and attacked

me. Could this mean he knows I'm alive? I exist?

Damsel was resting near a lovely tree with Hawknick and Deflagara. Dustin was running through tunnels, trying to run away from ME it  seemed, or was it more than just me?

Calista was standing beside the empty throne, she made me think of  me… My father... my father was looking in a spellbook. He beckoned me near. It was the spellbook he'd started to teach me out of. I'd never gotten to cast a spell though... and suddenly, I cast a spell! A magic missile I think...The strange man in the beautiful land picked up a baby... Could he be Armeas' father? It looked like where I saw Armeas… Most of the others passed by in blurs, some in shadow, some in forest,  some cities and farms. What does it mean?

****Remember Kids!  Pegasus' are very busy delivering dreams to everyone in the whole wide world, so one question at a time!****

Dear Terra,

It looks to me like your

dreams are taking on the form of a vision of the future.  Perhaps you should just stay away from those and not publicly announce that you have visions of the future.  You know what happens to people like that, don't you?  Think straitjacket with a nice little room in a basement or cellar.  I don't think you would like that.  But anyway…your dream…It seems that you have several visions of the future.  Take most of what you have seen at face value and prepare accordingly for what you have seen.  But the thing you must remember is that dreams of the future are just one possible way that something can happen, they are very unreliable and extremely dangerous if taken seriously.

Our next dream comes from a certain person on a deserted isle named Rich.  Here's what Rich writes:

Dear Pegasus of Dreams,

Help!  I'm stuck on this island!  With lots and lots of money, but no one will give me a ride back to the mainland.  They all keep mumbling something about voting them off the island.  What's up with that?

Dear Rich,

Buy a boat.

Well, that one was quick!  I hate it when people flaunt the fact that they make